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Full fill your dream with us
Welcome to Provardan Marketing

Provardan Marketing India Pvt. Ltd. is a wellness brand that focuses on providing the best lifestyle products to its customers. Ranging from health and beauty to overall wellness and other household products, the main aim of our brand is to improve the style of living of people associated with us.

Our products are simple in their formation and made from natural ingredients. The in-house R&D team at Provardan is fully dedicated to provide a wholesome experience and lifestyle for all of our customers, as is evident from the success of our sub-products that include Asthprash, Curind, Wildmuse, Yumdum and Aayushmaan, Homeshine.

Our Thinking
Provardan's Vision

Our vision for the Provardan family is to grow into the shoes of exemplary leadership and financial excellence. This will eventually make Provardan India’s first-ever direct selling organization that provides complete backward integration to its family members. Not only will that create better and more competitive networking opportunities for the Provardan family members, but will also provide a greater sense of exclusivity to everyone associated with us.

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What we bring for you
Our Produts